The island princess coloring pages

Like many of Fletcher’s plays, this play was revived in the Restoration era in adapted forms. The play was adapted four times, by an anonymous author, by Nahum Tate, by Thomas d’Urfey, and again by Peter Anthony Motteux, the latter being the more successful. The anonymous version, The Island Princess, or The Generous Portugal, was staged before royalty on 6 November 1668; Samuel Pepys saw the production three times in the following year, on 7 January, 9 February and 23 April 1669, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Motteux’s version, replete with songs, dances, and special effects, was popular, and frequently performed, down to 1708. All four adaptations were printed, the anonymous in 1669, d’Urfey’s in 1682, Tate’s in 1687, and Motteux’s in 1699 and 1701.