Tai lung coloring pages

In the first film, Shifu is quite often shown to be angered, frustrated, despairing or worried, at first for an unknown reason. However, it is later revealed that Tai Lung is Shifu’s adoptive son, whom he had trained, loved, and raised as if he were his own. This extends to Po who was dubbed the Dragon Warrior against all logic from Shifu’s point of view. Shifu’s initial hostility to the giant panda fades upon learning his considerable latent talent for the martial arts. During his fight against Tai Lung, Shifu was fighting himself as much as he was fighting Tai Lung, denying that he’d had any fault in Tai Lung’s actions after he was refused the Dragon Scroll by Oogway. After enduring a brutal showdown against Tai Lung, Shifu finally acknowledges his own culpability. After Tai Lung’s defeat, and having finally stopped lying to himself, Shifu gains inner peace, knowing that the valley is safe from Tai Lung’s bitterness about being refused the Dragon Scroll.