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To support her upper middle class lifestyle, Nancy begins dealing marijuana to her affluent neighbors and friends. Andy Botwin, Judah’s younger brother, moves into the house after Judah’s death to help Nancy out, though he also seems to be there to freeload, and often disrupts her life. Nancy’s supplier is Heylia James, a major distributor in Los Angeles’ West Adams district, who she met through Heylia’s nephew, Conrad (who is Andy’s friend). After losing customers to a medical marijuana store, Nancy begins baking and selling pot-laced brownies. On the advice of her accountant, city councilman Doug Wilson, she opens a retail bakery, stocked with Costco baked goods, as a front for her drug sales. Silas begins dating Megan, an attractive deaf girl at his school. Shane, troubled by his father’s death, acts out, such as biting the foot of another child in a martial-arts tournament, earning him the nickname “Strange Botwin” from his classmates.