Foghorn leghorn coloring pages

Most of the Leghorn cartoons began the same: Foghorn, humming “Camptown Races” to himself and carrying a wooden plank, sneaks up on Dawg while he is sleeping, often facing into his doghouse with his back protruding out the entry hole. Foghorn then pulls Dawg up by his tail and uses the plank to give him a whacking on his rear (in nearly every cartoon Foghorn gives Dawg eight whacks), at which point the angered Dawg chases after Foghorn barking, but can only go as far as the rope to which he is tied, which either yank him back or stops him. In the latter case, he keeps barking at Foghorn who tells him, “Aah-h, sha-daahhp!” or does something to Dawg to force him to stop. In the 1958 short Feather Bluster the prank feud was passed down to Dawg’s and Foghorn’s respective grandsons, and the now-elderly Foghorn was puzzled as to why the little leghorn was behaving the way he was, but the elderly Dawg was only too happy to point out there’s nothing wrong with him, except that “he takes after you. ”