Daisy girl scouts coloring pages law

The advertisement begins with a little girl (three-year-old Monique M. Corzilius) standing in a meadow with chirping birds, picking the petals of a daisy while counting each one—repeating some numbers and counting some in the wrong order. After she reaches “nine”, she pauses, as if trying to remember the next number, and a male voice is then heard saying “ten”, at the start of a missile launch countdown. Seemingly in response to the countdown, the girl turns her head toward a point off-screen, and then the scene freezes. As the countdown continues, a zoom of the video still focuses on the girl’s right eye until her pupil fills the screen, eventually blacking it out as the countdown simultaneously reaches zero. The blackness is instantly replaced by the bright flash and thunderous sound of a nuclear explosion, featuring video footage of a detonation similar in appearance to the near surface burst Trinity test of 1945. The scene then cuts to footage of a mushroom cloud and then to a final cut of a slowed close-up section of the incandescence in the nuclear explosion.