Cool girl coloring pages to print

The writing process of “Cool Girl” started when Lo was having a day-off during her tour in Copenhagen, Denmark. While staying in a hotel room, she received a bass line from Jakob Jerlström and Ludvig Söderberg, known collectively as The Struts, who asked her if she wanted to write lyrics to it. Having liked the track, the singer set-up her bedroom studio and started listening to it on repeat. She had recently watched the film Gone Girl (2014), and started analyzing a monologue by the character portrayed by Rosamund Pike talking about being a “cool girl”. Lo added, “I just remember this monologue that she has in the movie where she says that she’s changed a lot things about herself to become someone that she thought her husband would want. ” Inspired by the monologue, she wrote the melody, chorus and pre-chorus with sarcastic lyrics, and sent the track back to The Struts. They reunited later in Stockholm in early 2016 and finished the song.