African american christmas coloring pages

African Americans constitute the third largest ethnic group and the second largest racial group in the US, after White Americans and Hispanic and Latino Americans. Most African Americans are descendants of enslaved peoples within the boundaries of the present United States. On average, African Americans are of West/Central African and European descent, and some also have Native American ancestry. According to U. S. Census Bureau data, African immigrants generally do not self-identify as African American. The overwhelming majority of African immigrants identify instead with their own respective ethnicities (≈95%). Immigrants from some Caribbean, Central American, and South American nations and their descendants may or may not also self-identify with the term.

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Pop star coloring pages

“Pop Star” is a song by Japanese singer Ken Hirai. The single went on to top the 2005 Oricon Charts and is known for its remarkable music video, featuring Ken in seven different personas, including a raccoon and his own manager. The Video also helped Ken break into the US and Canadian Markets where Stations would play the video despite the fact that it was in Japanese. [citation needed] The song was featured in the Nintendo DS game, Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2, as well as on Taiko No Tatsujin 8 and Taiko No Tatsujin Portable 2 for the PSP. It is also a track in the Konami’s jubeat ripples series. Its latest appearance is in the Namco game Happy Dance Collection for the Nintendo Wii. The song was also featured in the Japanese drama Kiken na Aneki starring Ito Misaki.

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Plants vs zombies sunflower coloring pages

In Plants vs. Zombies, players place different types of plants and fungi, each with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, around their house, in order to stop a horde of zombies from reaching it. The playing field is divided into 5 to 6 horizontal lanes, each with lawnmowers, and with rare exceptions, a zombie will move towards the player’s house along one lane only (the main exception is if it has bitten a garlic, causing it to move to another lane). Planting costs “sun”, which can be gathered for free (albeit slowly) during daytime levels and by planting certain plants or fungi. Most plants can attack or defend against zombies in the lane they are planted in only. In later levels, players can purchase upgrades with different offensive and defensive abilities.

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