Camp rock coloring pages

At Final Jam, Brown announces that the winner of Final Jam, as decided by the judges, Connect 3, will not only win a trophy, but a chance to record with Shane. Peggy and Ella lose their patience with Tess, stand up to her, and leave her group. Ella performs “Hasta La Vista” with Barron (Jordan Francis) and Sander (Roshon Fegan). Tess realizes her mom is attending and starts to perform “2 Stars”, however she stumbles when her mom has to take a call during her performance. Peggy reveals her real name is Margaret Dupree and performs “Here I Am”. Tess apologizes to Peggy and Ella. As Brown announces the end of Final Jam, the spotlights turn on, and he allows Mitchie to perform, saying he was hoping they would catch on: as their performance was not in the lineup and was technically after “the end of Final Jam”. Mitchie starts to perform “This Is Me”, Shane realizes Mitchie was the voice from before, and he soon joins in. Backstage, Tess tells Mitchie and Caitlyn she told Brown that they didn’t steal her bracelet, and Mitchie and Shane reconcile. Peggy is announced as the winner of Final Jam. The entire camp sing “We Rock”. Caitlyn shows Mitchie, Tess, Peggy, and Ella the recording studio she built in her garage, and they perform “Our Time Is Here”.